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SDGs 01Basic Policy

F-tech's mission as a manufacturer is to "contribute to society by providing better products at reasonable prices", and at the same time, we are conscious of our role as "a member of building a sustainable society", and work hard in our corporate activities.
Our company considers "environmental consideration" and "human rights consideration" to be particularly important issues, and we set specific action goals and work to improve our operations on a daily basis.

SDGs 02Consideration for Environment

Given our company's nature, the four themes that can most contribute to environmental conservation for our customers are "Extending Product Life", "Reducing Incidence of Defective Products", "Improving Product Performance" as well as "Reducing Environmental Burden during Production".
Extending the life of a product not only reduces running costs at the customer, but also directly leads to waste reduction and energy conservation at the customer. Research, development, and supply of long-life products are extremely important issues for our company.
Furthermore, since the occurrence of defective products increases wasteful transportation and creates a burden on the environment, our basic policy is to inspect all products before shipping.
We believe that improving product performance can also contribute to extending the lifespan of customers' equipment, and we will continue to develop and propose more accurate products by deepening our partnerships with customers.

Wastewater management is especially important when it comes to minimizing the environmental impact during production.
We constantly monitor the quality of wastewater to ensure that there is no impact on the environment and ecosystem.

SDGs 03Human Rights Considerations

We recognize the importance of international norms such as the United Nations "Global Compact" and the United Nations "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", and understand that we must take measures that consider human rights in all business activities.

Within the company, we constantly review the working environment and continue to make constant efforts to create a "Healthy and Safe Working Environment" and "Rewarding Work." The Governance Committee, headed by the representative director, plays a central role and aims to create an environment where all employees can work safely and comfortably, regardless of nationality, gender or age.

In the future, we will expand our perspective to include the supply chain and look to see if there are any incidents that are inappropriate in terms of corporate ethics at our raw material suppliers.

SDGs 04Top Message

We believe that understanding and implementing sustainability measures is a prerequisite for the survival of all companies operating in modern times. In the future, more and more companies will ask their suppliers to understand and support the SDGs.
This means that "corporate attitude toward SDGs" will be added to the selection criteria for selecting materials in addition to "quality", "price" and "stable supply." .
As our company supplies products worldwide, has overseas bases, and employs many foreigners, we are especially required to have a management attitude that complies with global standards.

Our company acquired ISO 14001 in 2009. The SDGs are now more important than they were back then, and it is now essential to continue business activities while balancing socio-economic needs and environmental protection.
It is extremely important that not only management but also all employees understand this business environment and reflect it in their actions. In-house study sessions for this purpose will become increasingly necessary in the future.

For an industrial filter manufacturing company like ours, the most important contribution to environmental protection is ensuring that the products we supply have a long life. Extending a product's lifespan inversely reduces waste and energy consumption at the destination, and additionally reduces the environmental impact of product transportation indirectly as well.
Environmental protection during production is an important issue, but at the same time, it is also necessary to deeply consider the impact that our products have on the environment after supply.

On the other hand, in order to achieve this, it is important to strengthen our product development capabilities while deepening partnerships and communication with customers, and to ensure a stable supply system.
To achieve this, a wide variety of Human Resources are essencial as follows;
- Filter Craftsmen who are well-versed in Filter manufacturing.
- Communication Masters who can sensitively grasp the needs of customers.
- Masters of Awareness who can utilize their daily awareness in the workplace to improve business operations.

We hope that each and every employee will abide by compliance, carry out their work with integrity toward society, and carry out their daily work with pride in knowing that "by using our products, we will be contributing to environmental protection."

As a business manager, I believe that it will become increasingly important to provide a work environment where employees can work comfortably and with peace of mind, and where they can work with motivation. We aim to be a company that can contribute to society from a variety of perspectives, and refrain from focusing solely on short-term profits.

Kazuhiko Yamazaki
Representative Director

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