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ManufacturingQuality-oriented manufacturing that meets needs

Quality-oriented manufacturing that meets needs

We sincerely face the needs of our customers and work on manufacturing with the highest priority on quality.
From product development to manufacturing, each product is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen, and several inspection procedures ensure the highest degree of quality.

We strive to live up to the trust of our customers, we will work together as a partner to support our customers' success.
Through manufacturing that is close to customer needs and sticks to quality, we will pursue customer satisfaction.

FeaturesThe reason why F-tech is chosen

01High and stable quality

To ensure that our customers utilize filters with confidence, we conduct performance inspections on all of our products.
Furthermore, in order to drastically reduce the number of detachment fibers, we provide products with filter flushing upon request.
We will not compromise on providing products that satisfy our customers.

High and stable quality

02Proposal capability to generate advantages

We will offer more reasonable product prices.
Although Filter is an item that is difficult to draw attention during your manufacturing process, it is often useful for improving quality, yield and production efficiency, and for reducing running costs by reviewing the usage method.
Based on our past achievements and experience, we will promptly make specific proposals by conducting internal evaluations according to the conditions of use.

Proposal capability to generate advantages

03Technical capabilities backed by field experience

Most of the products have been newly developed and adopted for a wide variety of applications. In particular, [Removal of Gel-like substances], [High Viscous Fluids Filtration], and [Classification Filtration*] are the fields in which we excel, and we have many achievements.

  • * Classification Filtration ; Efficient separation and recovery of particles larger or smaller than a certain particle size.
Technical capabilities backed by field experience

04Rapid and flexible product development

Even if you are not satisfied with the lineup of standard products, the entire company works together to develop filters that meet customer requests in a short period of time.
By using a filter that matches the characteristics of the liquid, we have many achievements in reducing costs by improving yield, production efficiency, and long life. If you have any requests for filters, please contact us.

Rapid and flexible product development

05Robust supply system to respond to short delivery times

We produce in two factories in Japan and the Philippines.
By manufacturing at two factories, we can respond immediately in the unlikely event of an impact on production and logistics at any of the factories due to a disaster.
Regarding delivery times, we have introduced a production system that can respond immediately in case a filter is needed in a hurry.
We have a system in place that does not interfere with our supply to customers.

Robust supply system to respond to short delivery times

ItemsProduction Item

  • Cartridge Filter
  • Capsule Filter
  • Disk Filter
  • Metal Filter (sintered mesh etc.)
  • Oil Mist Separator
  • Other Filters

ApplicationsPrimary Applications

  • Liquid foreign matter removal
  • Oil mist removal
  • Classification filtration of dispersions
  • Air vents, etc.
  • High viscosity filtration
  • Removal of gel-like substances

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